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ARCH revolutionary Walltile has been especially designed for indoor spaces. It can be easily fixed on walls as well as on ceilings, thanks to its standard 30 cm2 size. Therefore, it is a very interesting and a real differentiator for indoor architectural design.

The Walltile offers exceptional atmospheres for various spaces, thanks to video diffusion as well as white lighting. The different available options (RGB SMD only, RGB/White, RGB/3W) not only allow to set up a specific atmosphere adapted to the moment, but also to define illuminated spaces, that can be easily changed as well.

For esthetic reasons, the Walltile can be covered by a special fabric.



Hall of big companies, hall of hotels, center mall, luxury shops...


Indoor use, light, thin, silent, modular, bright, design, easy, versatile...
 arch indoor easy to install custom ultra silent led angle full color low consuption high refresh rate IP31 HQ components




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creative efficient affordable







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