Who are we?

Active in the world of LED since 2003 ARCH has successfully completed multiple technological challenges across 50 countries!

With a priority on creativity, efficiency and affordability ARCH has succeeded in bringing its small revolutions and its innovations!

The design and manufacturing of giant LED screens and LED lighting has always been our priority.

Innovation in the right direction in focus. 


Let’s make sense of it!


-We manufacture in Europe

-We invest a lot in our shared future

-We make sure we trace and certify the origin of our components

-We are committed to working with recycled and recyclable products

-We know that using quality components extends their lifetime

-We are convinced that a longer life-cycle of our products means a more ECO-RESPONSIBLE life-cycle

-We know that energy efficiency is imperative!

-We believe that creating value-added jobs is building the future!

-We look every day into ways to optimise our work with the use of industry 4.0!

-We are convinced that manufacturing closer to the customers means responsibility and care of the future!

-We do NOT exploit child labour!

-We sell products which bring value!

-We work every day to achieve 0 waste level

-We make your products which will last for 10 years and more!

-We focus to make well and good!

Together everywhere!