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An extraordinary lighting design combining Power led and Mini panel display.

The quality of the luminous rendering of the products all controlled by video ensures maximum fluidity in the light while providing ease of use and distribution of content.

The 3,179 luminaires provide perfect light coverage at the ARCHITECTONIC site in Las Setas de Sevilla.

A site to discover, to visit ensuring a breathtaking view of the superb Seville, now also at nightfall for an immersive and surprising show!

ARCH manufactured the set in record time with its teams based a few steps from Barcelona, also ensuring this project a local production.

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Retailtainment and digitalization a priority at CELIO with the digital display of the CELIO store in the ARTEA shopping center in Bilbao, it's done!

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Cergy 3 fontaines!

A new 13m x 3m Smartbox 5 screen, a definition of 2600pixels by 600pixels with 7500Cd / m2 of brightness has taken place on the site of Cergy 3 fontaines, a very dynamic shopping center which is in full transformation.
Despite the sanitary situation, the on-site teams are redoubling their efforts to provide customers with an irreproachable quality of reception!

Despite the sanitary situation, the on-site teams are redoubling their efforts to provide customers with an irreproachable quality of reception!

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New challenge!

A brand new factory has sprung up in Cubelles, 25 minutes from Barcelona Right next to the AP7 motorway, logistics and communication speed shared with innovative technologies of the Industry 4.0, we are ready for a new era! 


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Kuwait "The avenues mall" confined

For the best protection of all, the superb shopping center  "The Avenues" in Kuwait is closed until further notice.

#Staysafe #stayathome

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11 May in Paris Champs Elysées

France starts is unlock down and CELIO* re open their doors


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Andorra is strong and will rise from the COVID 19 crisis!


KUWAIT "the Avenues mall" 

Watch this magnificent video of the benchmark installation in the world of largest and creative LED screen!

COVID 19, Save lives stay at home!!! 

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ARCH and SEPHORA, when technique is at the service of emotion!

ARCH carried out the last installation of SEPHORA in the Metropole shopping center of the principality of Monaco.

Thank SEPHORA for your trust!

Image Video Service is our partner for this installation.

Happy new year 2020 

It's the year of all years!

For 2020 we feel the key words of our success!!! 





KINETIC, digital is movement!

We must think differently about digital communication!

Digital loves robots & robots love digital!

Think differently! Think KINETIC everything is possible!

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Sometimes it's amazing to see what passion and technology can achieve.
It's the story of two teams of passionates. 
Bendac & Arch.eu teams had put their ideas and talents together to create this masterpiece. 
Wa are talking about the staircase of GOOGLE/YOUTUBE in Berlin. 
ALSi2 high resolution screen, fully passive cooling 100% recyclable in end of life...and many things more.
Yes it's was target and we had reach it! Well done teaml!

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DailyDooh Awards, "Innovative use of Technology", for our collaboration between
BENDAC Group and Arch.Eu European LED screen&lighting manufacturer  for the project  # Google   # YouTube  digitalization of the steps of the staircase from the main entrance to their headquarters in 
# Berlin . #
DailyDOOH   # madeinandorra   # madebyarch   # proudofarchteam   # creative   # efficient   # affordable

 The ARCH teams are always proud to be able to provide tailor-made products and be the actor of excellence!

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Two 13m long LED screens were installed in the reception hall of the Palais des Congrès de Paris.

It's our ALSi2 was chosen for this application.

Arch.eu, the solution for your more beautiful projects!

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Aim high, think big, think ARCH, we manufacture our screens in EUROPE in Andorra. We designed & manufactured this superb ARCHITECTURAL achievement at the entrance to The Avenues shopping center in Kuwait.

Besides being a big visual performance, it is also a technical feat.                 

All done with our ALS5S, 1500 boxes positioned on different axes to create an imposing digital sphere and highlight the entrance to the shopping center.

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PARIS, Velizy

Another success for ARCH.eu teams.

Superb construction site that this new Spring space of the VELIZY2 shopping center, despite the difficulties and the pressure to finalize the work, the ARCH teams have come to the end of this challenge.
Hanging a double-sided rotating screen, such a size, and above the heads of visitors, what a challenge!! 
It's won, with the fourth IDS in place and in first place... In collaboration with Clear Channel, responsible for the advertising space.

Thanks to  UNIBAIL RODAMCO-WESTFIELD for the renewed confidence.

It is always a real pleasure to let our mutual teams perform together on such sites.