Some speak of the fourth industrial revolution; others speak of a changing world... 
At ARCH, we are confident that the talent and the quality is close to us: it's you, it's us... 

The future cannot be based on a large area, a factory set on a part of the world. Respect for customers, it is also to be close to them, to listen to them and do everything to meet their technical and artistic challenges.
LED displays are important investments. For most parts, must be amortized to ensure a financial return, an architectural presentation, a communication tool, the visual quality of screens shall remain optimal over several years... That's why at ARCH we strive to bring the factories and technical teams for the customers to ensure the quality of their investments and follow up that requires.
It is for this reason that ARCH, has always produced quality products while optimizing prices to make them accessible and competitive in the market. We have always given great importance also in Annexes solutions reducing the daily operating costs and maintenance of products.
Since 2003, ARCH has always innovated and has managed to remain a family business of medium size, keeping the flexibility necessary to listen to the requests.

Creativity, efficiency and affordability, both technically and financially is our vision.



  • We invest a lot in our shared future.

  • We make sure we trace and certify the origin of our components.

  • We are committed to working with recycled and recyclable products.

  • We know that using quality components extends their lifetime.

  • We are convinced that a longer life-cycle of our products means more ECO-RESPONSIBLE life-cycle.

  • We know that energy efficiency is imperative!

  • We believe that creating value-added jobs is building the future!

  • We look every day into ways to optimise our work with the use of industry 4.0 !

  • We are convinced that manufacturing closer to the customers means responsibility and care of the future!

  • We do NOT exploit child labour!

  • We sell products which bring value!

  • We work every day to achieve 0 waste level!

  • We make you products which will last for 10 years and more!